Faena Hotel + Universe

The Faena Hotel + Universe was created in 2004 by Alan Faena and Philippe Starck in Buenos Aires.  Their dream was to create a "universe" of utopian luxury, and provide a feeling of adventure to all that travel within it's walls.  As guests arrive, they are greeted by staff dressed in Edwardian garb.  The hotel has two restaurants, one entitled El Mercado that is perfect for Sunday brunch with red velvet, mismatched chairs, and grandiose mirrors.  Pictured above is the other dining option, El Bistro, which provides a slightly higher brow eating experience with unicorn heads and a colossal traditional painting as a backdrop.  After dinner, you can relax in the Library Lounge or head to the club for a little dancing and music.  Other accommodations include the spa, bar, and gym.  Truly a unique experience!