The Candy Room: Melbourne


Mythical Universe


Klaus Haapaniemi


The Daily Drop Cap

Daily Drop Cap is a project created in 2009 by designer and illustratorJessica Hische.  She posts an illustrative drop cap every day that is free for people to use for personal blogs etc.  Just adding a little bit of accessible beauty to the world wide web.  Thanks Jessica!


Ichiro Japan Shop

Torafu Architects introduces the Ichiro Japan Shop 2012. The shop is an exhibition space used to showcase and display the famous furniture designer, Ichiro's newest works. The walls are an extension of the layout of the catalog,  and the result looks like a large sample book.  


Dana Tanamachi


Public Chicago

Public Chicago, another Ian Schrager hotel opened last fall.  It is a renovated version of the landmark Ambassador East built in 1926.  His goal is to give guests the perfect experience delivering exactly what they need without any added unnecessary glitz.  This combination leaves the guests relaxed in a down-to-earth environment with just enough class and elegance.


Chanel Spring 2012 Runway!!!

 Chanel's Spring Runway is here! It is the perfect combo of the traditional tweeds and power jackets that the fashion house has always represented, and some amazing hair.  
Chanel + Mohawks = Happy




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