Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow - Magnetic

Luminous Cocoa Mink...

Magnetic is a brownish golden tone that blends beautifully, and has a subtle pearly finish. It’s the perfect hint of summery gold that’s flattering to all eye colors. Magnetic can be worn alone for a warm daytime look, and is stunning when dressed up, for summery evening glamour. This truly is a modern gold that gives the eye that little something extra --richness and warmth that’s the perfect compliment to glowing summer skin.

Kjaer Weis products are made with natural ingredients, using rose, honey suckle and gardenia as preservatives. Proving that natural can also be luxurious, the environmentally friendly, sleek zamac (zinc-aluminum alloy) compact which doubles as a mirror and comes with a polishing cloth.

Kirsten chose one of Europe’s leading organic manufacturers to partner with on the creation and formula for KJAER WEIS. The raw materials, natural preservatives and pigments are extracted from minerals, plants and wild flowers specifically chosen for their color, scent and natural properties that have an affinity with the skin. Raw materials are specially ordered one year in advance to ensure that supplies are always of the highest quality.

Made in Italy
Certified 95% Organic by the CCPB (the Italian organic certifying authorityConsorzio per il Controllo dei Prodotti Biologici).

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