Top 4 Best Ionic Foot Detox Machine In 2021

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An ionic foot spa assists with all the detoxification of the body. And because of its health benefits, there are lots of brands and forms on the market nowadays.

To assist you to make the ideal option, Woodley and Bunny researched many choices and have produced a list of four of the best ionic foot detox machine on the market.

Top 4 Best Ionic Foot Detox Machine In 2021

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#1 – HEALTHandMED IonizeMe Maxx Ionic Detox Foot Bath Machine 17.0V / 2.2 Amp

IonizeMe Maxx - Powerful 20V Made in USA Ionic Detox Foot Bath System with Doctor Consult, Heavy Duty Ionic Detox Machine by HEALTHandMED (Starter Package)
  • Powerful 20 Volt and 2.5 Amp Output and LED Display
  • Made in the USA by HEALTHandMED with Full 5 Year Warranty
  • Personalized Health Consultation (For You and Your Family) with Ionic Detox Expert Dr. Cooper Included
  • Water-Safe
  • FCC COMPLIANT– This device has been certified to comply with part 15 of the FCC Rules

Last update on 2023-03-19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This is certainly the ideal product to purchase in the industry at the moment. It’s ideally suited to someone interested in getting some detoxification done in your home. Coming out of a renowned company named Health and Med, it’s a high-profile gear with a solid metallic enclosure. Health and Med is regarded as a specialist in wellness products and lifestyle gear. Their product quality is among the greatest in the business and their rates are also quite fair from the pocket.

The IonizeMe Elite is a high-definition gear running on a DC supply of power. It can offer a Voltage of 17V and contains an amperage of 2.2A. The machine generates hardly any noise when compared with its counterparts on the marketplace. It’s compact and weighs about 18 lbs. It’s powered using a three-pronged heavy-duty electricity cable.

The business provides this gear using numerous unique accessories such as two ionic arrays along with the range cleaning solution alongside a scoop. Among those arrays can endure for a consumer for 40-50 sessions. The item also includes its very own cleaning brushes to the arrays. But, there’s absolutely no wrist ring with this item. The IonizeMe Elite includes a tub capacity of 3.2 gallons. The business provides a few quantities of nice Himalayan Salt complementary to begin your detox procedure.

For new users, there’s a thorough instruction DVD which can help understand the operations and working of this IonizeMe Elite foot detox system at a step-by-step procedure. To timeline your sessions, the device also includes a timer to countdown every moment. Among the prominent characteristics of this version is that the precautionary inner circuit which makes it stand out among the other rivals. This circuit keeps a close eye on the detoxification procedure and alerts the consumer about any instances of malfunctions such as short-circuiting, under or over-heating, and issues associated with voltage.

The machine includes a large 5-year guarantee that not many products provide on the marketplace. In addition to this, the consumer consultation with business representatives and pros is completely free of charge.

#2 – Ionic Balance Chi Cleanse Unit

  • Durable plastic casing
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Efficient Customer Care
  • No maintenance required
  • Expensive than rivals

You won’t require any extra accessories after purchasing this ionic cleansing detox equipment, as it has numerous accessories such as a bag of salt, an information booklet, a control device, and Liners. There’s not any need to squander programming or setting this device because it pertains pre-programmed and prepared for use.

Ionic Balance Chi Cleanse Unit includes a basin having a maximum capacity of 11 feet, which will be sufficient for both women and men. You’ll receive excellent customer service support with this specific ionic foot bath detox system, which provides 24/7 support, you can contact them anytime and solve your inquiries. The 12 monthly guarantee is just another evidence of their durability and high quality of the item.

What clients say (Reviews)

“I’ve used these for years and today this very best apparatus made my life somewhat simpler. Requires only about 20 mins for the cycle to finish, helps pull heavy metals from the body and joints, so I feel much better and less heaviness in my legs after usage. Benefits last a couple of days I repeat the treatment every couple of weeks. “

#3 – Cell Spa Dual Ionic Detox Aqua Foot

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The item includes a searchable ionic system with double user capacities. The item is accompanied by an extra Mp3 player which gives a relaxing atmosphere with additional comfort. 2 earphones are included for this goal. It’s a notable LED display for the screen of data.

The machine includes two black arrays with an innovative layout and 2 wrist straps with balancing capabilities. Additionally, there are additional replacement fuses with no excess price. Like the rest of the machines, there’s also a totally well-drafted instructional booklet. It includes a lightweight carry box to boost its portability. It doesn’t incorporate a bathtub or even a basin.

The guarantee period for this particular machine is 1 year just like many different sockets. Whereas the prior ionic foot tub from Cell Spa introduces a fairly front, that this foot sheds machine approaches via an other hand. First (and perhaps even ), this can be an elegant apparatus, using its advanced-series dual system covering professional and families practices alike. Serving two individuals in precisely the exact same time, this system provides enormous price. Its benefits don’t end there however.

Somewhat unconventional, certain, but the version also includes an integrated MP3 player. Can it be the most crucial addition you could envision? Not very, but taking into consideration the cheap (or entirely cheap thinking about the dual system) price label, the participant’s a welcome guest, albeit an odd one. To include more, with this item, you are also sent two pairs of headphones, so that you can whip it out and also have two individuals receive therapy and listen to audio directly in the box.

Aside from the cans, you’ll be provided with two ionizing arrays and 2 wrist mounts. As always, these accessories have been valued. Nevertheless, the wrist straps aren’t so sturdy, therefore we’d advise treating them with caution and care. Provided that you do so, the Mobile Spa Double Ionic Detox Foot Cleanse Machine will keep making its keep over the long run.

#4 – BHC Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot Spa

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This is a square-foot detox machine that includes a preprogrammed 30-minute detox session. This usually means you could begin the process by pressing one button. The bathtub of this machine is made of acrylic material, and it has increased nodules that are best for water flow from beneath the feet too. The machine functions with two arrays. Complementary accessories comprise 25 liners, a Foot Spa Detox booklet, along with an information booklet, Sea Salt

The item is designed for simple cleaning and has a guarantee period of one year. Consultation with a business agent doesn’t have any charge.

The BHC Detox Ionic Foot Bath isalso, as they’re at the price point, not the automatic machine the preceding versions were. In cases like this, we are working with a kit that offers similar price and produces adequate effects, but the bundle isn’t quite as simple. Fortunately, the identical bundle also offers a foot spa detox booklet plus a 16-page informational booklet, which means it is possible to set up things and begin without looking up info online.

‘Placing up things and getting started’ will entail the control unit, the container, along with both ionizing arrays you’ll get with the box. Before that, however, ensure you’ve covered the container with a few of those 20 basin liners you will also receive together with the footbath. As soon as you do so, you are able to throw at the enclosed bag of sea salt to create the process more agreeable and, raising the water’s conductivity, more effective.

The bathtub (basin) is somewhat small, that is the 1 place in which this item falls somewhat flat. But with its own detoxifying treatment activating the body’s fat-burning mechanics and reducing cellulite, you may readily justify buying the BHC Detox Ionic Foot Bath, particularly keeping in mind the cost is more than adequate.

Advantages of utilizing foot detox machines

Emotional Benefits

Standard use of a foot detox machine may offer you a few psychological advantages. It may improve mental clarity, stimulate memory, and inspire psychological relaxation. Additionally, it can help encourage better sleep and alleviates insomnia. In accordance with those who have employed this detox system, getting in this painless detox process permits them to think a good deal better and also to remain in focus.

Physical Advantages

Aside from psychological, users of foot detox bathrooms may also acquire a few physical advantages. According to medical and health professionals, detox bath supplies an assortment of physical advantages. It helps encourage appropriate and easier motion of knees and elbows, thus considered an exceptional option for men and women that suffer from bone pain and chronic lymphatic.

Since using this tub is a type of detoxification strategy, it will be able to enable you to get rid of the poisonous chemicals and of excessive body fats. That is the reason why detox tub is used by men and women who wish to shed excess weight and to eliminate unhealthy fats.

Detoxification the detox chip this system additionally enriches metabolism boosts the body’s immune system also increases oxygen flow. A ionic foot detox tub machine may also help alleviate neck aches and pains. It’s also very powerful and effective in relieving loose bowel movement, constipation, arthritis, and other bowel-related ailments.

Other Advantages

In case your own body flushes toxins from your own body, the first thing you’ll see is you feel a whole lot better. Should you use it frequently, you’ll also observe an increase in your libido. In addition, it functions as a natural remedy for frigidity among girls. It may also make you feel somewhat sexier.

Although just how much careful and picky you’re about everything you drink and eat, you can never truly say that you’re toxic-free. Everything about you enjoy the makeup you use, the food that you eat, and the water that you consume, can provide your body a fantastic number of hazardous substances.


What’s a ionic foot detox?

Ionic foot detox was made to get rid of harmful toxins throughout your feet by massaging them in a particular bath. They’re made to deliver the pH levels in the body into a more fuller, and not as acidic degree.
Ionic foot detoxes operate by employing an electric current which goes through plates from the water. Sea salt is added to the water from the tub to function together with all the negative and positive ions in the footbath. This procedure helps your body eliminate toxins from the liver, kidney, skin, intestines, as well as fat.
The detox process can last for one or two days when you’ve finished your foot tub too.

When is the ideal time to do an ionic foot tub?

Unless you’re seeking to choose an ionic foot tub since you suffer from a particular disease, spring or fall are usually believed to be the best time to perform an ionic foot tub. All these are the transitional seasons in which you will find the best environmental changes that your body will be undergoing.

How frequently should you do an ionic foot tub?

During your first few weeks having an ionic foot bath, you are going to want to take more bathrooms. You need to aim for approximately six-foot bathrooms within the first month or two so you have the footbath. This will assist jumpstart the detoxification procedure and get the body to move to monthly foot tubs moving forward.


In conclusion, after trialing a couple of detox ionic foot tubs, it’s clear there’s an extensive selection of these rejuvenating ionic detox foot tubs. They vary in cost, in electricity amperage, also in grade. Some include the bathtub while others just supply the control and the arrays together with some salt and liners.

We hope you enjoyed the buyer’s guide along with the compilation. We’re always open to opinions, tips, and queries.

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